Cluster A

Couples For Christ Cavite Sector 2

invites you..

Buy Your Raffle Ticket Here!

You are paying for ONE (1) RAFFLE TICKET worth PHP 100.xx which will be attached to the email address you use here.

You should see JAYSON GUEVARRA as name of the account receiving the payments; Bro. Jayson is the official collector for this Clusterized Online Raffle.

PLEASE NOTE: When you claim the digital products as part of the PROMO, you will no longer be entitled for a refund, because of the nature of such products.

Pay with PayPal or Bank Cards:

For PayPal payments or if using Debit / Credit cards (also processed by PayPal as the ‘bayad center’), copy the TRANSACTION ID automatically sent to you by email
to complete the First Big Step. Please check the video for an example.

To get your FREE PREMIUM Digital Products:
send Transaction ID / Ref. No. to

For Support:
0927 569 8517
Jayson Guevarra on FB Messenger

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