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Clone of Cryptocurrency Website

visit for demo:
👍 with plugin automatically updating the current price of 10 different cryptocurrencies
👍 with plugins for auto-posting cryptocurrency news
👍 with at least 3 monetization methods, you may add others!
👍 use this site to grow your referred sign-ups for different crypto programs
👍 use this site to attract traffic to any offer (effective for Making Money Online niche, home biz, traffic getting, lead generation, and more!)

Easy steps to follow:

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Install All-in-One WP Migration, a WP Plugin. (we will also provide a link to download this). Activate plugin.
  3. Export the cloned file of the website.
  4. In this package, you will also get a MULTI- EDITOR APP to easily change the branding of your images and even videos for your website.

Crypto Training Alpha

Earn Crypto with Your Phone, and Buy Physical/ Digital Goods and Services in an Exclusive Marketplace

Crypto Training Beta

Earn Crypto by Posting Images or Articles, and Convert to US Dollars

App #1: Spyder Webs


Spyder takes about 30 seconds to activate per WEB.

Once you’ve got it running, you can leave it in the background.
Imagine setting up ONE web, and leaving it running 24/7/365
What would you do with your time?
Exactly, you can do whatever the heck you want with your time.
Because this doesn’t have any ongoing maintenance.
Our users are doing what they want, because they’ve already automated everything.
Do you want to automate yours?
Then set up the Spyder System, and leave it running in the background.


App #2: Affiliate Traffic Lab


WP Plugin #1: Tube Traffic Machine


WP Plugin #2: WP Rank Express

Your All-In-One Solution For Increasing Your Rankings, Traffic and Sales!


WP Plugin #3: Azon Profit Engine

Create A Powerful, Fully Functional Amazon Affiliate Site Faster Than You Thought Possible…


Build Amazon Affiliate Sites FAST

You can build your very own Amazon affiliate site in under 60 seconds.

90 Day Amazon Affiliate Cookie

With our Amazon “Add To Cart” option, you get a full 90 days for your visitor to purchase.

Choose From Over 480 Million Products

Tap into Amazon’s massive inventory and exactly the products added to your website.

Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Increase your Amazon earnings by having the ability to create affiliate sites fast.

Your Affiliate Links Added Automatically

Azon Profit Engine automatically inserts your affiliate links into each product link using the Amazon API.

Built In Traffic Generation

With direct integration with OnlyWire, you can instantly share your content & build links.

Runs On WordPress For Easy Setup

The Azon Profit Engine plugin runs on WordPress so it takes just minutes to setup.

SEO Optimized For Search Engines

Built for top rankings with keyword placement and relevant YouTube Videos (which Google loves to see!)


This is the cloud-based platform where you may edit images and videos to embed on your website.

And you may also learn a way to earn using this set of online tools!

Invisible Super Affiliate

Imagine What It’s Like…

While Remaining 100% ANONYMOUS

Imagine posting an offer and getting 100-200 or even 1000 clicks every day…
Imagine what it would be like to wake up and see 300-500 or $2000 commissions to your affiliate account each and every day..


6 Minute Profits


Easy Profit Secrets


Traffic Titan


FB Traffic Enigma


  • Youtube Rank Analyzer
  • Youtube Quickstart
  • Youtube Channel SEO
  • WP Youtube Leads Plugin
  • Youtube Videos Optimization
  • WP Affiliate System
  • Modern Video Marketing 2020
  • Abstract Image Collection
  • Youtube Channel Income
  • Youtube Authority
  • Instagram Monetization Checklist
  • How To Build Your Brand With Instagram Images
  • Facebook Domination
  • Free Website Traffic Methods
  • Home Business Success
  • How to get Free Web Traffic
  • How to make $100 on Autopilot
  • Influx Free Traffic
  • Internet Marketing A to Z
  • Internet Marketing – Fast Money
  • Millionaire Mind Hacks
  • Miracle Commissions
  • My 1st Internet Business
  • Online Ads & Web Traffic
  • The Home Business Guru

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